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At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, we are passionate about treating all venous disorders.  That is why in addition to medical vein disorders we are also the best choice for cosmetic vein treatments.  Areas where patients typically have venous cosmetic concerns include facial, leg, and hand veins but regardless of where your vein issues may be we have the knowledge and understanding of the intricate details of venous anatomy and physiology to provide you with the best possible cosmetic outcome.

Dr. Heeringa and Diana use Sclerotherapy to get rid of unwanted spider veins, Dr. Heeringa uses an incisionless Microphlebectomy and Sclerotherapy 
to removal unwanted prominent hand veins.

Dr. Heeringa and Diana preferred treatment for spider veins and telangiectasias on the face is called VeinGogh. VeinGogh works on spider veins up to 0.3mm. VeinGogh uses a small stylus that resembles a pen. On the end is a hair-like fiber. Dr. Heeringa inserts the tiny fiber just beneath the surface of the skin, but he doesn’t pierce the targeted blood vessel. The stylus delivers a microburst of controlled heat energy. This heat damages the vein walls and the vein seals shut. With most spider veins, VeinGogh instantly makes the vein disappear visually. If there is any remaining sign of the vein, that goes away as the body scavenges and disposes of it over the next few weeks. We can also use sclerotherapy and microphlebectomy on larger veins on the forehead.

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