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All the following treatment options are minimally invasive and can be done in a clean, comfortable office setting with minimal if any disruption of normal activities. While patients may have some minor discomfort after some of the treatments, it is rare to need anything more than over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Motrin.

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1. Conservative therapies

A trial of conservative therapy is often required by insurance before we can treat your varicose veins. Many insurances require a period of 6-12 weeks of conservative care before they will cover vein treatments. Conservative measures include graduated compression stockings, exercise, periodic leg elevation and Unna boots.

2. Non-Thermal, Non Tumescent ablation

As the only uncomfortable part of RFA and EVLT is the local anesthetic, there have been many advances in the recent years to treat diseased veins in manners that do not require heat energy and therefore will eliminate the need for the tumescent local anesthesia. Dr. Heeringa has been one of the first physicians in Northern Michigan to perform some of these procedures. While these techniques can eliminate the need for tumescent anesthesia, it is important to check your insurance coverage, as many of the newer techniques may not be covered.

    • Mechanical Chemical Ablation

      This is done using the Clarivein device, a small catheter which is inserted up the diseased vein. Once the catheter is properly positioned, the catheter is slowly pulled back similar to how a laser would be withdrawn during an EVLT, but the catheter spins which causes mechanical damage to the wall of the vein. In addition to the mechanical damage to the vein wall, the physician slowly injects a sclerosing chemical through the catheter as it is spinning. The combination of the spinning or mechanical injury and the chemical injury to the vein from the sclerosant, act together to close off the diseased vein. Patient typically only feels a vibrating sensation after the procedure and can return to work after it is complete but must wear compression stockings daily for 2 weeks after. Read More! 
    • Venaseal

      This procedure involves inserting a small catheter up the diseased vein. A tiny amount of cyanoacrylate glue is then delivered through the catheter to glue the target vein closed. This is the only procedure that does not require patients to wear compression stockings afterward and initial studies have shown this to be as effective as RFA! While this procedure is not covered by insurance, it allows for the treatment of both legs at the same day and patients can resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. Read More! 
    • Varithena Polidocanol Microfoam ablation

      Polidocanol microfoam or Varithena involves injecting a microfoam which has the consistency of shaving cream into the target vein. This foam then fills the target vein and acts to seal the vein closed.

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