The Swelling of Lymphedema

When your veins aren’t functioning fully, especially in the legs, this can allow the blood to pool. This is the cause of varicose veins, but another more serious condition that also can develop is known as lymphedema. If a patient develops lymphedema due to venous insufficiency, there’s a good chance he or she has wound […]

Options for Conservatively Addressing Varicose Veins

At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, usually the first option for treating varicose veins is the use of various conservative treatments. In fact, this is a requirement for most insurance companies before they will approve more involved treatments such as radiofrequency ablation.  In this toasty August blog, let’s get into these conservative treatment options.  What are […]

Stenting for Venous Obstruction

Malfunctioning valves in our leg veins can lead to problems with varicose veins. But another problem, venous obstruction, can occur in these leg veins, as well. Dr. Heeringa treats this impeded blood flow in these veins with venous stenting.  What causes chronic venous obstruction?  The standard treatment of deep vein thrombosis in the legs is […]

How Your Vein Valves Work…or Don’t

At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, much of Dr. Heeringa’s efforts are spent helping patients deal with malfunctioning veins, more specifically the valves in their veins. Here’s a little primer on your veins and valves and how they’re supposed to work.  How the valves work  Our veins, along with the arteries, carry blood to and from […]

Your Hands Are Showing Their Age

Everyone is concerned when varicose veins and spider veins show up on their calves and ankles, but people overlook veins that appear on the backs of their hands. Considering how visible your hands are, these veins can really make you look older. At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, we offer cosmetic treatments for veins on the […]

Let’s Glue those Varicose Veins Closed

Treatments for varicose veins have dramatically improved over the past 15 years. Formerly, varicose veins usually had to be removed surgically with vein stripping. This could require up to four weeks of recovery. Today, stripping is rarely necessary, as Dr. Heeringa can usually use minimally invasive options for closing off varicose veins. One of those […]

Google Doesn’t Provide this Map

When a patient is experiencing some classic symptoms of venous insufficiency — issues such as aching and heaviness in the legs, cramping, fatigue, and leg restlessness — it’s necessary to see what’s going on with the veins. What’s needed is a map of your veins. This is the job of vein mapping. Here’s more about […]

What’s the Deal with Compression Stockings?

At Northern Michigan Vein Specialists, most of our procedures are followed by the patient wearing compression stockings for a period of time afterwards. Since most people have never worn compression stockings, they wonder what’s up with this leg-squeezing hosiery? Here’s some info on compression stockings and why we love them. How compression stockings work Medical-grade […]

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