Kali Vanstee , PA

Kali VanStee is a certified Physician Assistant with Bachelor degree in Biomedical Science and Master degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Central Michigan University. During her time at Central Michigan University, she served as a member of the founding committee for Central Michigan University’s Medical School.

Kali is a highly respected and passionate family medicine physician assistant that comes to Northern Michigan Vein Specialists after several years of caring for the patients as a primary care provider. Her Family Medicine background has given her knowledge on the signs/symptoms and disease process of venous insufficiency. She also brings her extensive experience in Emergency Medicine in both Northern Michigan and New York City that contributed to her continuous learning of the pathology of venous disease.
Under the training and continued direction of Dr. Brian Heeringa MD FACS RPhS she has expanded her medical practice focus on Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.

Why did you choose Vein Care?

I chose to join this specialty of vein care after working in collaboration with Dr. Heeringa during my several years in Emergency and Family Medicine. I witnessed Dr. Heeringa’s patient-centered vein care, his mission to improve the health and quality of life of all our patients through his skilled, compassionate, and knowledge as a surgeon. I was excited by the opportunity to join this specialized practice and to work with him together in providing our patients with the best possible vein care outcomes that will lead to a significant improvement and a life of better health for each one of them.

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