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Vein disease or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a very common condition affecting an estimated 30 million Americans. It is 10 times more prevalent than PAD (peripheral arterial disease). Patients can present with a varying degree of clinical findings ranging from visibly normal legs to spider veins, to large ropy varicosities to venous ulceration. Today venous disease is classified according to the CEAP (Clinical, Etiological, Anatomical and Pathologic) classification and the clinical score is the most commonly used ranging from a C0 to a C6.

C0: No visible evidence of venous disease
C1: Telangectasias or spider veins
C2: Visible varicose veins
C3: Venous edema
C4: Venous pigmentation and eczema
C5: Healed venous ulcer
C6: Active venous ulcer

Spider veins Treatment in Traverse City, MI

Spider Veins Treatment In Traverse City, MI
These are small, threadlike veins, typically blue, red or purple and they appear on the surface of the skin. Spider veins, or telangectasias, typically occur on the legs but can also be seen on the face, chest or other skin surfaces. While they are typically a cosmetic concern, they can be symptomatic and can often be a sign of underlying venous disorders.

Varicose veins Treatment in Traverse City, MI

varicose-veins Treatment In Traverse City, MI
These are large, ropy veins, which typically appear to be just under the surface of the skin as opposed to on the surface. They can appear as ropy structures running down the leg or as clusters of “lumps”, which can have a grape like appearance just under the skin. These are due to leaky valves in the veins and can lead to blood clots, pain, skin problems and in certain patients, if left untreated, they can lead to skin ulceration.

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