Will my insurance cover my procedure?

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists accepts most insurance plans and most procedures are covered by insurance. Patients are, of course responsible for their copays and/or deductibles. There are 3 main criteria that must be met in order for your procedure/s to be covered: Symptoms: examples of symptoms are edema/swelling, heaviness, cramping, venous ulcer, discoloration, visible varicose […]

Does a Phlebectomy Hurt?

There are several procedures that can be used to treat varicose veins. One is called an Ambulatory Phlebectomy. A phlebectomy is one procedure that may be recommended if you have large, ropy, and bulging veins. These veins can be unsightly as well as painful. I am a previous patient, current employee at Northern Michigan Vein […]

How long will my procedure take?

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy & Varithena The procedure may take anywhere between 20 minutes to 30 minutes.  Dr. Heeringa uses a medical injectable irritant that causes inflammation of the vein followed by fibrosis (natural healing scar) thus obliterating the vein wall. After the procedure, the medical assistant will apply Dermaka cream, followed by the placement of […]

Do I Need Venous Stenting?

Venous stenting is a vein treatment used to treat venous narrowing and venous stenosis (blockage) that prevent the blood from returning to the heart properly. It is a much safer and less invasive procedure than open surgery to reroute blood flow. How Does Venous Stenting Work? During a venous stenting procedure, Dr. Heeringa will use […]

Meralgia Paraesthetica vs Lymphedema

Are you experiencing unexplained pain, discomfort, or tenderness in your thighs? Is it accompanied by swelling? It could be lymphedema or meralgia paraesthetica. It’s important to determine which it is, because one is a condition with no cure that must be managed carefully to prevent it from becoming worse. What Is Meralgia Paraesthetica? Meralgia paraesthetica […]

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists Earns Vascular Testing Accreditation

Northern Michigan Vein Specialists located in Traverse City and Cadillac, MI has been granted a three-year term of accreditation by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in Vascular Testing in the area(s) of Peripheral Venous Testing. Click the links below to read the press releases for each office! Traverse City Press Release Cadillac Press Release

Summer Exercise with Varicose Veins

Summer heat can cause swelling in your legs and feet, especially during exercise. You may notice more discomfort from your varicose veins – more pain, aching, or swelling than usual. Exercise is important for your overall health as well as your vein health, and these exercises can help protect you from complications with your varicose […]

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